All tissue Laser Dentistry

Waterlase iPlus – All tissue Laser Dentistry - Peoria Healthy Smiles

The Waterlase iPlus – All tissue Laser Dentistry

The Waterlase iPlus laser allows us to perform many procedures with less discomfort, less anesthesia, and much less post-operative symptoms than with traditional drills and cutting instruments. Prime examples of how laser dentistry can help :

  • Get access to cavities without a drill, eliminating all vibration
  • One visit treatment of deep periodontal pockets
  • Bloodlessly trim excess gum tissue
  • Decontaminate root canals
  • Instantly treat painful cold sores to stop the pain and get them to heal much more quickly
  • Eliminate gum infections

With the WaterLase iPlus Laser System, Dr. Kleiman can get you in and out of the chair quickly. This anesthetic-free dentistry will allow him to perform several dental procedures in a single visit, saving you time and money.